Presentation of EWARU sub-project

The current needs for infrastructure are such that even in European countries the demand exceeds the supply. More the availability of drinkable water is every day less: it is necessary to determine which are the forms of collaboration between the public and the private actors in order to acquire the required financial means and the operational tools necessary to the management of the public service like water, roads, parking etc, where we must find the governance in the utilization and, in the same time, the financial revenues to assure the development of networks. The present project, therefore, proposes to determine the best practices related to how the role of the public sector, at the level of planning and programming, can offer the possibility of private investment in the realization and also in the management of the created activities that are set up by the means of private investment centered in various sectors of the public services availability.

The reproduction of these experiences will be done in a critical logical way in order to examine the strong and the weak points of these experiences which will also be of benefit to the other partner

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